ITA opens Bioengineering Laboratory

On May 4, 2017, the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica inaugurated the Bioengineering Laboratory (Lab Bio), in the presence of the Commander of the Department of Science and Technology of Aeronautics (DCTA), Lt. Brig.-do-Air Carlos Augusto Amaral Oliveira; of the Magnificent Rector of ITA, Prof. Dr. Anderson Ribeiro Correia, and the Coordinator of the Lab Bio, Maj. Brig. RF José Elias Matieli, as well as civil, military and research and innovation professionals.

The unveiling of the inauguration plaque followed the opening ceremony, when Prof. Dr. Carlos Américo Pacheco, former Dean of ITA (20/10/2011 to 27/03/2015) delivered the Lecture TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN ENGINEERING: Brazilian Panorama and FAPESP's Perspectives, praising the opportunity of Research in the area of ​​Bioengineering as a current trend in the field of Science and Innovation.

Lab Bio is one of the Laboratories of the Electronic Engineering Division and its main objective is to seek solutions to problems in the area of ​​Operational Medicine (Military) and Health Care, taking advantage of the vast experience in the field of research and technology, present in the DCTA Campus.

Lab Bio emerges after eight years of activities by the Bioengineering Center (NBE), with strength that is based on the experience acquired in this Center, continuing the projects of NBE, which transfers to Lab Bio, a portfolio of instigating research in advanced stages of progress.

The DCTA, through its important Institutes, has demonstrated to Brazilian society its value in collaborating with the development of Brazil, especially in the area of ​​civil and military aviation.

We intend, with humility and regular pretension, to pursue this successful trajectory of the DCTA, in the area of ​​Research and Innovation in Health, in favor of a modern Air Force and a more competitive Brazil.